We're Baaaaack!!!

(And we thank you for sticking with us!)

Welcome to our revamped website and store!

There are many kind folk who have been asking to read our comics during this pandemic that's hit a lot of people hard.

So we decided that we need to support our supporters and proudly present this new hub for all things Meta Desi!

(Print editions available soon!)

You are all fantastic and it's you readers that makes us want to keep making more - so keep reading!


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About Us

Meta” has two meanings:

  • Origin from Greek meta ‘with, across, or after’.

  • A term, especially in art, used to characterize
    something that is characteristically self-referential.

Desi” in Hindi means something that is Indian.

SO! Basically we are a free-spirited group of creative folk and comic fans, making comics that are Indian, but with something a little more, something that tries to be more than regular-old “desi” comics.

Action, comedy, drama, superheroes, supernatural and silly - you'll find it all in our library!